We had a requirement to provide a comprehensive package of training for Xero for a mix of beginners and intermediate users. The brief was further complicated by having a wide spectrum of trainees ranging from recent graduates through to part-qualified and fully qualified accountants. Mel was able to bridge the gaps in knowledge extremely well, adapting to both differing learning styles and levels of bookkeeping and accounting knowledge amongst the participants. In particular, Mel showed a deep understanding of up to date accounting practice which was especially helpful in dealing with some of the more complex questions posed by the experienced qualified accountants who took part. Mel has an easy going delivery style which put everyone who took part in the training at their ease, again especially helpful given the intensive nature of the training sessions we were running. Feedback from participants was very positive and a number of them said that they would be happy to introduce Mel directly to their clients for training and consultancy. I commend Mel highly and without hesitation for both training and consultancy

Paul Townsend

Director, UHY Hacker Young


If you would like to discuss a solution for an issue you are having with Xero today, please:


Looking for a Xero Course?

I have designed a 7 module course.  This will give you all the skills you need to manage Xero and will serve as a great resource guide too.  Each Module comes with a checklist to help you manage Xero going forward.  Revolutionise Your Bookkeeping today.  Read more HERE.

Whether you have made the decision to move to Xero yet or are still sitting on the fence a bit hesitant to take the leap into the Cloud I can help you.  Below is a testimonial from one of my recent clients explaining how I was able to bring some clarity to their Xero accounts.

Although Xero is brilliant and practically makes the tea, it’s was not as easy as they say, for us. We didn’t really know what we were doing and were totally in despair until we found Mel’s website. We didn’t want just training but individual solutions to our specific problems. Mel came to our rescue and we were so happy we found her – she always responds quickly, is easy to communicate with, good humoured and friendly, with forensic accuracy. We now have confidence we know what we’re doing and have Mel on hand if we get stuck.

Pookie Blezard

Owner, Pazuki

I am passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed.  I take the time to learn more about your processes and your plans for future growth so I can help you achieve your goals. Xero is a brilliant tool to help you along your journey.  Not only is Xero a very easy software to use and manage it also has a great Add On community which provides you the tools that can help you streamline those business processes saving you huge amounts of time and money.  Time you could spend with your family and friends or building the business through Sales and Marketing.  Chaser and Receipt Bank are two of my MUST HAVE Add Ons.  Please click on the logos to learn more about each of them.  




Xero Conversions & Training

Whether you are an Accountant or Bookkeeper looking for Xero Training and Set Up for your staff or clients, or a Business Owner looking for help converting to Xero from Sage or Quickbooks and be confident that Xero is accurate from the start.  My training and consultation services are designed around your specific needs.  I take the time to understand your business and work with you to maximise the potential of Xero.

I’m a certified Xero Trainer and Advisor located in Hemel Hempstead with over 15 years bookkeeping experience.  I have clients in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  I also work with businesses overseas which is easy when Xero is part of your life!  Anywhere Anytime!

Xero File Review and Repair

Sometimes when you are starting out with a new accounting solution or even a new business you may not always feel confident about the bookkeeping.  Keeping up with the bookkeeping can be stressful and time consuming to say the least.  It can also get expensive to invest in a professional bookkeeping service, (although highly recommend you do hire one and if you are looking I recommend Cloud Bookkeepers Ltd).  Managing it all can be overwhelming and often gets put aside for “another day”.  It is important for your business future and for staying on the right side of the tax man that you make your accounts priority.

If you want to manage this all in house but would find having someone on the other end of the phone with that professional expertise and experience to support you on a regular basis useful then please click on the “book here” button at the top of the page to discuss.

I offer monthly Xero file reviews. I will review your accounts, check your bank/s are reconciling correctly, review the bookkeeping for accuracy and consistency and provide some monthly financial reports.  This will help with your end of year process with the accountants and may even save you some money on your accounting fees in the future.

Xero Support

I offer Xero support by phone, email or online.  Xero’s online free support is a fantastic feature for their Xero customers.  However, more and more customers are calling me and asking for one to one telephone support which is not something Xero can offer right now, nor would it make financial sense that they do in my opinion.

If you are looking for that personal support, someone you can call up and talk to, to help you through your Xero queries, I am now offering this service.  Please note it is just me so I can’t be on call 24/7, but I will do my best to be quicker than the current Xero online process.  Have a look on “book here” link at the top of the page to see current packages.

In addition I will also communicate through my blogs and training sessions with ongoing features, new Add Ons and any updates they do.  I will also keep you updated with Xero’s features as they evolve which is very regularly.  In addition I will be sharing my hints and tips to support your Xero journey.  It’s really easy when you know how and have a little guidance!

Xero Add On Partners

Did you know Xero has over 350+ Add On partners, with new partners joining the ecosystem every month?  The logos shown above are some just some of the solutions I have implemented and trained clients on, check out my Recent Work.  If you are looking for Receipt Processing, Credit Control, Inventory Management, Point Of Sale, Appointment Scheduling, Time Management or Project Management check out the Add On Community because they are all there.  With so many though how would you choose the right one?

I can save you loads of time.  I will do the research for you and send a report back to you with my suggestions and help you choose which one best suits your business processes and goals.  I take the time to understand your business, what processes you currently have in place and work with you to find the right solution so you can have as much financial insight into your business go grow and succeed right at your fingertips, anytime anywhere!

If you choose an Add On solution for your business and once you decide on the set up of Xero, I can assist with helping you pull it all together,  I can manage the set up, implementation and training for those solutions.