Want to learn Xero?

I am running a 1 day Xero course at The London School of Accountancy on 10th October in London.

If you run an accountancy firm you’ll know the pressures of making tax digital. Xero is one of the market leaders in cloud based accountancy software, and now is a great time to get on board.

As Business Owners, we’re always looking for ways to make life easier aren’t we?

Manual bookkeeping is a thankless task, taking you away from building your business. That’s why many business owners now do their bookkeeping online and Xero is one of the market leaders in that area.

During my one day course, you’ll learn how to implement Xero into your business and potentially save yourself hours every month, and certainly hours at year end!

The course will benefit:

1. Business owners who are hoping to switch to Xero in order to simplify and streamline their accounting process.

2. Accountants/Bookkeepers who want to increase their revenue stream by offering Xero to their clients.

3. Accountants/Bookkeepers who want to learn Xero to add to their CV for job searching to show that they have completed Xero training.

A Certificate of Competence will be awarded on successfully completing the course.

If you would like to attend don’t miss our EARLY BIRD discount only 5 spaces available at this discount.


Hello, I’m Mel Dowie and I give business owners peace of mind and clarity around their business finances and help bookkeepers navigate through this tech driven world and show their true value by helping them build stronger and more loyal relationships with their clients.

When I decided to embrace Cloud Technology into my business I doubled my income, won an award and found real passion for helping others do the same.  With the introduction of Cloud Software many business owners are setting up Xero on their own but not confident they have set it up correctly and effectively.  Bookkeepers are afraid of where they are going to end up in a few years, how relevant they will be with this machine learning revolution.

Excited to announce that I have been chosen as a finalist in Best Business Women Awards for the category:

Best Woman in Business Services

Thanks to all my customers for your support over the past few years!


Discover the Quick and Easy Way to Learn Xero

Simplified Xero Training and Support with a Certified Expert Takes the Headache out of Managing Your Bookkeeping and Accounts – Even If You Have Zero Accounting Experience!

Want to Prevent the World’s Top Cloud Accounting Software from Becoming Your Greatest Headache?

Whether you’re brand new to cloud-based accounting software or you’ve been struggling to manage your accounts with Xero for some time, I can help. You’ll find a wide range of specialised Xero services to keep your finances on the right track and your business running smoothly.

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Have you noticed there’s a revolution taking place in the world of Bookkeeping?  I strongly believe that if you don’t evolve and move away from the old traditional way of bookkeeping and more into advisory, training and consulting services, the robots will put you out of business.

It’s do or die and that is no exaggeration!!  Don’t just sit back and wait because the impact on your business will be huge.

But there is hope….

What’s the one thing that humans do best?  They communicate with each other and build relationships!  The key is going to be long lasting, valuable relationships between you and your clients.  That is where you can add the most value and that is where I can help you.

Keep your finger on the pulse with BookieBook

The Ultimate Financial Planner.  It is my passion to help Bookkeepers build amazing, loyal and valued relationships with their clients, and to help business owners really understand their numbers and how they can build the business of their dreams. Check out how BookieBook can help you.

Xero Online Course

Learn how to navigate around Xero with my 8 module online course.  Master the skills you need so you feel confident that Xero is working for you in the most effective and efficient way.  Each module comes with a checklist that you can print and keep as a reference for when you are working through Xero and updating your bookkeeping.

Check out the experiences others have had working with me

We had a requirement to provide a comprehensive package of training for Xero for a mix of beginners and intermediate users. The brief was further complicated by having a wide spectrum of trainees ranging from recent graduates through to part-qualified and fully qualified accountants.

Mel was able to bridge the gaps in knowledge extremely well, adapting to both differing learning styles and levels of bookkeeping and accounting knowledge amongst the participants. In particular, Mel showed a deep understanding of up to date accounting practice which was especially helpful in dealing with some of the more complex questions posed by the experienced qualified accountants who took part.

Mel has an easy going delivery style which put everyone who took part in the training at their ease, again especially helpful given the intensive nature of the training sessions we were running. Feedback from participants was very positive and a number of them said that they would be happy to introduce Mel directly to their clients for training and consultancy.

I commend Mel highly and without hesitation for both training and consultancy

My colleague and I were new to Xero when we both joined the company in the last 6 months and we managed, fairly swiftly, to work our way around the basics.  We asked Mel for half a days training for us both to give us the “fine tuning” we needed.

The training was excellent, bespoke to our needs whilst giving us a better understanding of certain actions, so that we had a better all round picture.  Mel was friendly and extremely professional and certainly knows her Xero!

We would not hesitate to have Mel come in again, in the future, if needs required.

In addition the fees were very reasonable and suited our timeframe very well.

Thank you Mel.

Helene Cooksey

Tempest Restoration