I can offer the following recommendations for Xero services:

Xero Training & Bookkeeping

Louise Harrison –


Kim Deere – –

Xero Accountant

David Gormer – Square Mile Accounting  –


Prefer a classroom style training? 

Check out the 1 day Xero Courses run by London School of Accountancy or call Raj Grover on 020 8567 7733.

Xero Online Course

Prefer to learn Xero at your own pace?  I have created an online Xero course covering 8 modules.  Master the skills you need so you feel confident that Xero is working for you in the most effective and efficient way.  Each module comes with a checklist that you can print and keep as a reference for when you are working through Xero and updating your bookkeeping.

Great for business owners looking to learn Xero and have visibility of your business finances whenever you want.

Great if you are a Bookkeeper or Accountant and you want to learn Xero for a new role/job or just to be able to have confidence in supporting your clients.

Keep your finger on the pulse with BookieBook

The Ultimate Financial Planner.  It is my passion helping bookkeepers and accountants build amazing, loyal and valued relationships with their clients, and to help business owners really understand their numbers and how they can build the business of their dreams. If you like buying notebooks, marketing planners, writing out and tracking your goals then BookieBook covers all that.  There are loads of planners on the market you can buy and track your sales and marketing, tracking goals and more, but nothing that helps track your numbers, mini cashflow forecasts, checklists to help get your weekly and monthly bookkeeping tasks done, then measuring the results of your activity.  Now there is!  It is a great little book/journal.  Check out how BookieBook can help you.



Hello, I’m Mel Dowie and I provide peace of mind and clarity around your business finances.  If you are feeling a little confused by your numbers on Xero, lack the confidence in the reports, bank statement balance doesn’t match your actual bank account and generally just struggling how to use Xero efficiently and confidently, I can help.

When I decided to embrace cloud technology it transformed the way I ran my business.  I am passionate about helping others do the same.  What I have found with the revolution of cloud software is many business owners are setting up Xero on their own because they want that visibility and access to their accounts.  However, accounts is not their expertise so they are unsure if they have set Xero up correctly.

I am here to provide that expertise, support and training and end those sleepless nights!

Want some 121 training & support on Xero?

Emailed Xero support but have not heard back from them?

Having a problem understanding why your bank statement balance doesn’t agree to your Xero balance or even your bank account?

Not confident in the information Xero is telling you because you are not sure you are using the software correctly?

Wish to speak to a HUMAN to help you with your challenges on Xero?

I have been honoured to have been chosen as a Finalist for Best Woman in Business Services and also nominated for the Practice Ignitions Top 50 Most Influential Women in Accounting.  How cool is that??

We had a requirement to provide a comprehensive package of training for Xero for a mix of beginners and intermediate users. The brief was further complicated by having a wide spectrum of trainees ranging from recent graduates through to part-qualified and fully qualified accountants.

Mel was able to bridge the gaps in knowledge extremely well, adapting to both differing learning styles and levels of bookkeeping and accounting knowledge amongst the participants. In particular, Mel showed a deep understanding of up to date accounting practice which was especially helpful in dealing with some of the more complex questions posed by the experienced qualified accountants who took part.

Mel has an easy going delivery style which put everyone who took part in the training at their ease, again especially helpful given the intensive nature of the training sessions we were running. Feedback from participants was very positive and a number of them said that they would be happy to introduce Mel directly to their clients for training and consultancy.

I commend Mel highly and without hesitation for both training and consultancy

Paul Townsend

Director, UHY Hacker Young

My colleague and I were new to Xero when we both joined the company in the last 6 months and we managed, fairly swiftly, to work our way around the basics.  We asked Mel for half a days training for us both to give us the “fine tuning” we needed.

The training was excellent, bespoke to our needs whilst giving us a better understanding of certain actions, so that we had a better all round picture.  Mel was friendly and extremely professional and certainly knows her Xero!

We would not hesitate to have Mel come in again, in the future, if needs required.

In addition the fees were very reasonable and suited our timeframe very well.

Thank you Mel.

Helene Cooksey

Tempest Restoration