My Journey…………


Thanks for visiting my website. I am quite fascinated with innovation and passionate about passing it on and helping businesses streamline their processes and create amazing, interesting and successful businesses.

Giving back time and providing peace of mind is my mission! I know that new business adaptations can be quite scary, require some education, must have a strategy and are more successful with support. I provide all of that, and in a way that makes you and your employees feel empowered, not overwhelmed.

At the age of 25 I became a single mother and I wanted to provide my 4 year old boy (Cody) with everything his little heart desired, but I had to make sure I was financially able to do this. I was born and raised in Bermuda, which is one of the most expensive places in the world so I decided that I needed to go into Accounting as I knew I could earn quite a good salary to support us. I already worked at Ernst & Young as a Financial Administrative Assistant so I was familiar with the industry. So I took the courses. Got jobs in the industry and met my best friend and lovely husband (Simon who is from the UK) in the process! In 2002 we married, by 2003 we had a son (Luke). So now with 2 kids and our desires to give our kids all the opportunities and great schooling we decided to move to the UK in 2004 to the town my husband was raised. I was going to be a housewife!! Ha!! Well that didn’t last. Not my thing. By 2006 we had our beautiful daughter (Lauren). After 3 years as a stay at home mum I decided I had to go back to using my brain. So I started up my bookkeeping company, MND Bookkeeping Services in 2006.

Running the business has been the best experience of my life. It has been tough, hard work, but rewarding too. I have always invested in my professional development where I have learned so much about running a business from marketing and sales, networking, website creation and promotion and so much more. I consider myself now a business woman with 15 years bookkeeping experience. What I wanted most out of my business was to be able to collaborate with my clients and encourage them to take an interest in their accounts and work with them to grow and succeed. Through running my bookkeeping business my biggest frustration was bookkeeping/accounts software. Finding a decent one! The likes of Sage and Quickbooks, although “ok” programmes, they were really built for accountants and bookkeepers not for business owners. There just wasn’t a bookkeeping software out there that could support this collaboration.

Everything changed in 2011 when I discovered Xero. It really changed my business and my life. In 2010 my sister in law became my business partner and the bookkeeping company was doing really well. We won Business of the Year in 2012 for Dacourm (our area) and continued to grow. Our turnover tripled in 1 year, it was amazing all thanks Xero. We decided to become a 100% Xero Practice and have never regretted that decision. In 2012 we changed our name to Cloud Bookkeepers Ltd.

In 2014 I left the bookkeeping behind. After 15 years it wasn’t really where my passion was anymore. I love Xero, I love consulting, coaching and mentoring so I started MND Training Services to help others along their Xero journey.