Is your bookkeeping business in need of an overhaul?

If so, I can help!


Let me take a guess about your business right now.

You are struggling with marketing and finding clients, or at least clients who value your services and happy to pay your prices.

The clients that you do have treat you as if you are a glorified data entry clerk. They don’t appreciate all that you do. And, to be honest, you aren’t making the kind of money you need to live the lifestyle you want.

On top of all of that, you are finding it hard to get to grips with pricing!

Never mind all the technology that is out there are all the hype around automation and cloud technology.  How are you supposed to compete with these automated programs?

Which brings us to THEM. The “robots”.

They are taking over the world right?  Well at least that is what we are being told everywhere we turn these days.

Calm down. I’m not being literal. You won’t look out the window and see humanoid automatons whizzing around. Nor will you see any Daleks rolling around shouting “Exterminate!” (though, I admit it, part of me would find that a bit thrilling).

What you will see, however, is that these ‘robots” are learning many of your bookkeeping tasks. Not only are they learning them – they will eventually excel at them.

Data entry?…… Robots do it quicker and eventually better once they ‘learn”.
Bank reconciliations?….. Robots got that covered, sort of.
Sales categorisation?….. Robots are currently learning that, coming real soon.
Purchasing habits?….. Piece of cake for robots are learning this too.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

These tasks (and many others that you offer to do for clients) are being automated. Which, I’m sorry to say, means that YOU being able to do them for your clients will no longer be efficient for you to be doing, a waste of valuable time.

Honestly, why would you want to waste time doing something when there is a simple and effective shortcut?

Business Lesson #1: If you want your business to flourish, you must be willing to evolve. Much like the theory of evolution- adaptation is necessary for survival.


Right now, you have two options:

Option #1: Continue doing what you have been doing.

Option #2: Evolve.


If your business is growing and you have the entrepreneurial lifestyle that you always dreamed of, then maybe option 1 is right for you. If so, then you can stop reading now. I don’t know that I have much advice to offer you. I wish you much luck with your business. Really, I do!

However, if you find yourself wanting more for your business (and for your life), then I want you to do something for me.

Take a minute to think about how you would like your life to look. What would your business be like? How would you spend your free time?

Go ahead…. I’ll wait.


Here is my vision for you…

You wake up every morning with a sense of purpose and excitement. Your diary is filled with clients who you look forward to helping. You smile as you remember what one of your loyal clients said to you yesterday after you helped her resolve an issue that had been tormenting her entire team for over a week. You feel happy that you are doing important work that makes a real difference- especially since you know exactly how much your clients’ businesses mean to them. You feel proud knowing that they come to you even when they have automated systems at their disposal. They know that you have something to offer that machines do not.

You work the hours that you want to work. You get paid what you want to get paid. You have the time and financial freedom to go on multiple vacations each year. Vacations where you don’t have to spend half the trip checking emails or stressing about missed work opportunities. You can unplug and truly enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Your clients come to you with full confidence in your ability to help them navigate problems they may have. They refer their friends and family to you, singing your praises to everyone they think will listen. You feel appreciated and valued for the important work that you do. You go to bed every night knowing that you have added value to other people’s businesses- and lives. You finally have the business of your dreams.

This is what I get up to during the Summers – Beautiful water in Bermuda!


Why don’t we jump on a Discovery Call and see how I can help you!


Remember: You started this business to have freedom


You want freedom to spend time with your loved ones doing things that bring you joy. But I bet this business has had you down at times. Some of those times probably lasted longer than others. Maybe there have been times when you felt like throwing in the towel and felt like having a regular 9-5 job would be better. Let’s be honest, you know that if you don’t get it together sooner rather than later, that just may be what you end up doing. You know that you need to do something, but you just don’t know where to start.


I’ll let you in on a little secret. The one piece of knowledge that makes all the difference.


Come closer…

Humans are social beings who crave connections and relationships.

There. I said it.


If you think this is too simplified, I promise you that it’s not. This fact is what has helped many businesses become successful. These businesses realise that humans want to connect. They want two-way streets of communication. They want to understand and to be understood. They want you to listen and for you to tell them what they need to hear.


Business Lesson #2: To build a successful business, you must master the art of building relationships.


If you want to set yourself apart from the robots, you must show your clients that you have something of added value to offer. Something that the robots cannot give. It’s time to ditch the traditional bookkeeping methods, join forces with the robots, and become a relationship-building pro!

Allow the robots to do what they do best.
While the robots do their thing behind the scenes, you can take on more of an advisory role. That is how you can add the most value and is what will be the key to building those long-lasting relationships with your clients.

That’s where I can help you!

Hi! My name is Melanie Dowie and I help bookkeepers grow a 6 figure bookkeeping business following my programme!




I got into the field of bookkeeping over 20 years ago. I tell you, the industry has changed a lot since I got started. I’ve had to adjust the way that I did things- especially when I made the leap from the corporate world to being a freelancer in 2006. Over the past few years, I recognised that the bookkeeping industry was changing.  Cloud technology and automation has given us an awesome opportunity to really demonstrate our value as bookkeepers and to take an even more important role in helping businesses grow and succeed.


But instead of trying to force the old methods to work for me (or giving up), I decided to embrace cloud technology and adopt a new way of doing things. My new system has been working wonders. I was able to stop trading hours for dollars. Now, instead of charging hourly rates, I charge for my services, they have value – period. I have found that my clients truly get value from what I do for them. One has even dubbed me the “Goddess of Xero” because I was able to troubleshoot, apply my knowledge to their project needs, and sort out issues that had been causing her to lose sleep. Not only do I feel like I am finally being appreciated, I’m also making much more money because I am able to charge higher rates than I thought possible.  Now, I am committed to helping my fellow bookkeepers to revolutionise their businesses so that they can finally reach (and exceed) their business goals and build a 6 figure business.

I have a few questions for you.


Do you want to learn how you can work WITH the robots (instead of fearing them) to grow your business?
Do you want to feel like you are running a business, rather than working a job?
Do you want to stop feeling like you are a glorified data entry clerk?
Do you want to have LOYAL clients who are willing to pay whatever you ask of them?


It is all possible!  I’m here to hep you. Let’s work together….1 on 1


Over the course of 12 weeks, you will


  • Examine your current system to get a better understanding of where you are now and what challenges you face.
  • Gain clarity about how your dream business looks and the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Create an Ideal Client Avatar so you know exactly who your audience is, what they need from you, when they are most likely to need your services, where they hang out, why they need your help, and how you can get them to become a client.
  • Automate your processes and put together a suite of cloud software that will help you run your business effectively and efficiently.
  • Employ conversational techniques that will help you understand your clients’ goals, needs, wants, fears, and frustrations. This is the stuff that will transform your business, help you build stronger relationships/loyalty, and ultimately enable you to increase your prices!
  • Design new packages so that you can stop selling your time and instead sell your services.
  • Create a brand (including a website) that is engaging, fun, and effective
  • Create a thorough marketing plan that has a heavy focus on social media.
  • After 3 months of working together you will:

  • Have real clarity over the type of business you are going run.
  • Know who your ideal clients are and how to find them so that you can make every piece of marketing count.
  • Have an effective automated system in place that enables you to spend more time building relationships and adding value.
  • Have the skills to enter a meeting with a prospective client and get to the root of their needs, fears and frustrations. This information equips you with enough knowledge to put together a pricing package that makes you more money while delivering immense value to your clients. Everyone wins!
  • Have a branding strategy that is consistent and (more importantly) effective.
  • You will also get:

    A free copy of BookieBook – a financial planner that I created with bookkeepers and their clients in mind. This fillable workbook can be used to demonstrate your expertise, add value, back up your professional recommendations, and open the way to important conversations with your clients.

    Access to an exclusive Facebook group that is filled with entrepreneurs who want to encourage and support one another.

    Accountability and support from someone who is invested in your success- me! I know how it is to be in your shoes and will work with you to help you gain the level of success that makes you feel happy and secure.


Why do you need coaching?

Listen, I know all the reasons you can come up with for not hiring a coach. I’ve used those reasons myself when faced with decisions that were big and scary. I can’t say that they are excuses or call their validity into question. That would be assumptive of me. What I can say, though, is that just because you can do something on your own doesn’t mean that you must or that you should.

I also know how it feels to wonder if maybe you should just stick it out doing what you are doing. I mean, if you keep doing it SURELY you will eventually get where you are going. Right? The reality, though, is that sometimes the way you are doing things isn’t the best way and continuing to do things that way can work against you.


Business Lesson# 3: Having a mentor who has been where you are AND gotten to where you want to be can help you cross that finish line.


I would love to be part of your journey and to help you walk across that finish line with a smile on your face and both fists raised in triumph.

So how about it?

Check out my VIP package below.  Choosing this package will enable us to work on a One 2 One basis.  If you would like to learn more please click the button to book a discovery call with me. I’m excited to get to know you and help you to revolutionise your bookkeeping.










4 PAYMENTS OF £375.00

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I am a Business Coach and Mentor

I specialise in helping bookkeepers who are feeling:


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