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Want to transform and revolutionise your

bookkeeping business?

Want more clients?
Would you like to improve your pricing?
Overwhelmed by choice of software and systems?
Do you want to feel more confident?
Do you want to be more valued by your clients?

Work with me, I will help you achieve your goals & dreams:


Launching July 2018!!

Bookkeepers Growth Academy!

This will be run as a group activity so loads of support from me and fellow bookkeepers in the group.  Included monthly:

1 hour themed session via Zoom where we will cover areas such as:

  • Ideal client avatar – discovering who your ideal clients and how to market to them
  • Value pricing – moving away from pricing time to pricing solutions
  • Software – what is available and which ones should you use
  • Sales & Marketing – what should you be doing with social media, website, networking etc.
  • Goal setting – this is so important!  We will look at creating vision boards, setting goals and how to focus in achieving those goals
  • Workflows/Systems – how to implement workflows and systems to reduce overwhelm and organise your bookkeeping processes

In addition to the monthly Zoom group sessions, there will also be a Facebook group offering support not just from me but from your peers as well.  I will be active in the group to help answer any queries that arise throughout the month.

Why work with me?

This is my story….

I’m Mel and Since 2006, I have run my own award winning bookkeeping company and worked with 100’s of clients over the past 11 years here in the UK.  I gained my experience in accounting and bookkeeping working in the corporate sector in Bermuda before setting up my practice in 2006 in the UK.  My previous employers include Ernst & Young, Global Crossing and Zurich.  I no longer run the bookkeeping company as I don’t enjoy the “doing” stuff I now offer Xero Training, Bookkeeping Consulting, Manage Bookkeeping Departments for my clients and recently Coach/Mentor other Bookkeepers.  I have also created BookieBook.  Which is the Ultimate Finance Planner for Bookkeepers to use as a tool to help their clients understand their numbers, build stronger relationships with their clients providing a load of value.

I am also the UK Ambassador for the Bookkeeper Revolution.  We are dedicated and passionate about helping bookkeepers all around the world to transform small businesses by embracing machine learning, automation, cloud software, pricing your value not your time and so much more.  Leaving the traditional bookkeeping ways behind and becoming revolutionary.  Join our Facebook group and get involved today.

I know how you feel right now.   When I was building up my business I experienced many challenges, experienced overwhelm and sometimes (well a lot of times actually) just wanted to pack it all in and go back to an employed role.  Worse trading hours for dollars (or pounds as it were!), burning myself out and not earning what I should have or more importantly what I was worth.  I learned that it was because I didn’t value my time and as a result some (not all) of my clients didn’t value my time or service either.  I’m thrilled to say, that has now all changed.  Engaging some fantastic mentors over the last few years I have restructured my entire business.  I am currently on track to have a 6 figure business by next year (2018).  I am able to help pay for family holidays, dinners out with friends, kids activities which I am so proud to be able to do.  Most of all I love my business and I am passionate about this industry and helping other bookkeepers achieve their own success and realise their dreams too




Plan, set goals and measure your business growth month by month.  Bring it with you to our monthly Zoom sessions.


PINK OR BLUE that is the question!

Special Launch Offer

Advisory Support
  •  Monthly group calls via Zoom – Each month we will cover a different topic to help you grow
  • Facebook Group offering support with other members and myself throughout the month so even more support throughout the month
  • FREE copy of BookieBook to help you plan and keep on top of your goals (Pink or Blue that is the question?)

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Creating a business plan will help you understand the direction, your ideal client and marketing strategy.  Your map to success!!