I’m sure you have got the message by now,

there is a revolution taking place in our industry!


The robots aka machine learning or artificial intelligence, whatever you want to call them/it!!  Reality is they are taking over the world!

I’m not being literal. You won’t look out the window and see humanoid automations whizzing around. Nor will you see any Daleks rolling around shouting “Exterminate!” (though, I admit it, part of me would find that a bit thrilling!!)

This believe this does mean that you will need to find new ways of managing your practice and more importantly your clients.  Up until recent times you have been able to control the workflows with desktop software, and the clients couldn’t “destroy” the accounts as they couldn’t access them.  They relied on you for most financial related matters.  Like it or not those tables are turning and now business owners are exploring and setting up online software solutions, managing their own bookkeeping, but as we know, not so well in most cases.

If you don’t find a process to take back control this will just escalate in the coming months and years as technology develops and become a rather big headache for your firm.  You will continue to clean up messes, recovery rates will get worse and providing advisory services will become challenging.  If you decide to embrace cloud technology and provide the support and training to your clients you will be able to gain back that control, have accurate data to work with allowing the transition into developing your practice into a revolutionary firm providing advisory services, offering more value and building amazing relationships with your clients.

Moving them onto Xero and other cloud services can be time consuming for you.  Particularly if you don’t have the expertise, man power and resources.  You will need to learn the software, advise your clients, convert your clients, train them, support them, learn the software and train your current staff and new staff.  After speaking to quite a number of accountants and bookkeepers I have found this to be the road block in their conversion to cloud software.  Time, expertise and resources required which they simply don’t have.



Have you been putting it off because of cost in time, money and labour?


What if I was able to offer you a business opportunity by working with me?


I’ve created a Xero Conversion Consulting Package to help accounting and bookkeeping firms like yours to stay competitive in this ever changing tech driven world.  If you don’t embrace cloud technology you will become outdated and your clients will move on to a more modern firm.  I am already seeing this shift happening.  Business owners are getting tech savvy, gaining more interest in the growth of their business and they want to keep their finger on that financial pulse.

Recently I read that 90% of SMES will be on the Cloud in 2017 and only 25% of public accounting firms are actually utilising the cloud for at least one of their tax and accounting systems. WOW!!  So seems to me it is more important than ever that you take note and revolutionise your firm.

We will work together to help you make this transition.

Here’s how it will revolutionise your business:

  • MTD (Making Tax Digital) – you will have the means to help your clients meet MTD requirements
  • Become more efficient with automation
  • Improve relationships with your clients
  • Improve client retention
  • Offer more value by becoming your clients trusted advisor
  • Scope to add more clients to your practice thereby increasing turnover and profit




I can help you.  Here’s how:


Consultation for a migration plan

This is to determine what kind of conversion will be required such as using Move My Books which is a migration service Xero offers for free or whether an Opening Balance conversion is sufficient.  Every client is different and will require different methods.  In this consultation we will get to know each of the clients needs, chart of accounts review, branding etc.

It is at this point that we can also discuss the best set up for each client.  This is a really great time to discuss whether the client would like a new chart of accounts which may offer them more opportunities to analyse their business more.  This is where you can really engage with the clients and show the value of collaboration.  Once they are on the Cloud so many opportunities will open up for you.



We will provide a checklist for all the information we require from you or from your client to proceed the the type of conversion decided upon above.


Set Up/Conversion

We will manage the conversion from start to finish.  This will include:

  • Importing all Suppliers (if not using migration services)
  • Importing all Customers (if not using migration services)
  • Set up Chart of Accounts (if not using migration services)
  • Set up Opening Balances (if not using migration services, this will need to be provided by your team)
  • Set up all Bank Feeds, Pay Pal Feeds, Credit Card Feeds
  • Set up Payment Services (if applicable)
  • Set up Branding (Logos, invoice templates etc)
  • Set up Report Layouts



  • 1 hour training on Xero for your clients
  • 1 days training for all of your staff working on those clients
  • If you like we can also host a FREE Information/networking event for your clients to sell the benefits of Xero and to sell the conversion services all you have to provide is the venue and refreshments and invite your clients to come visit and check it out.


You can’t really afford NOT to do this.  You have a choice of course.  In 3 months from now you could be future proof…….or you could be exactly where you are now, except your competitors will be ahead of you reaping the benefits sooner.


What do you think?