It’s no surprise that over 600,000 small business owners just like you rely on Xero to keep track of their finances online


With the power of Xero, it’s easy to collaborate and give the right people access to important financial information. No more sending long chains of emails or wasting time swapping memory sticks. There are no expensive upgrades year after year. Xero saves you money on maintenance, system administration costs, server failures, and more…

… But if you don’t know what you’re doing, this world-leading time and money-saving solution might end up costing you more than you bargained for.

Fortunately, now there’s an easy way to avoid inaccurate accounting come tax season and run this incredible software with confidence.


Get Expert Help with Your Xero Accounting System


Xero was designed to make your life as a small business owner easier, not more complicated. But when you’re first getting started, cloud accounting software can be scary. That’s why I developed MND Training Services.

With our qualified training and support available in person or online, you can save time, money, and frustration by correctly utilising this robust software.

Plus, you can be sure you’re getting the best Xero training available because…


You’re Learning from a Xero Certified Advisor who has worked with only Xero since 2011


Unlike many Xero partners who use Xero along with multiple other tools in their business, Xero is THE tool I use to operate my daily business. I focus solely on this software to make sure you can get the absolute best from it in your business, too.

I’ve used Xero every day for the last 6 years, helping over 150 clients get the best out of this incredible software. Now, I’d like to provide you with the same training and support – including over 15 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience – to ensure your system is properly set up and your accounts are accurate and easy to manage.

“We Now Have Confidence We Know What We’re Doing”


Although Xero is brilliant and practically makes the tea, it’s was not as easy as they say, for us. We didn’t really know what we were doing and were totally in despair until we found Mel’s website. We didn’t want just training but individual solutions to our specific problems. Mel came to our rescue and we were so happy we found her – she always responds quickly, is easy to communicate with, good humoured and friendly, with forensic accuracy. We now have confidence we know what we’re doing and have Mel on hand if we get stuck.

Pookie Blezard

Owner, Pazuki

Specialised Training & Support That Fits Your Needs


Whether you’re brand new to cloud-based accounting software or you’ve been struggling to manage your accounts with Xero for some time, I can help. You’ll find a wide range of specialised Xero services to keep your finances on the right track and your business running smoothly.


1-2-1 Xero Setup – Quickly and easily discover how to set up your Xero online accounting system with personalised, face-to-face training at my office or yours. Find specific solutions to your Xero headaches and see how you can run your system with clarity and confidence!


Review and Repair Service – Not sure you’re using Xero correctly? Get a comprehensive review to find out if your accounts are reconciling correctly and more. You’ll receive an in-depth report with any recommended changes or areas of concern as well as instructions for how to fix them.


Add-On Integrations –Xero offers over 450 add-ons such as Receipt Bank, Vend, Dear Inventory, Chaser, and more, which enable you to save more time and money. As an expert in these add-ons, I can help you implement them in your business to improve efficiency.

When You Let Me Train You How to Use Xero Correctly, You’ll Enjoy


  • Expert Support with a Personal Touch. No more one-line responses from customer support or lackluster training from someone less qualified. You’ll get specialised training and support from a certified Xero expert who is always available to you right when you need her.


  • Clarity with Your Accounts. Eliminate the guesswork and effortlessly manage your financial accounts online with confidence and skill.


  • Increased Productivity. My mission is to give you back the countless hours you used to spend bookkeeping by teaching you how to take full advantage of Xero’s powerful features that enhance your efficiency.


  • Specific Solutions to Your Xero Issues. You’ll not only get top-level training in the world’s leading cloud-based accounting software, but you’ll also get individual attention and specific solutions to the frustrating problems you’re facing with this software.


  • Peace of Mind. Know that your accounts are reconciling correctly and you won’t have to deal with costly tax return errors.


Ready to Get Started?


Contact me today to start your journey with my 1-2-1 Xero training. You’ll discover everything you need to correctly set up your online accounting system so that you can manage your bookkeeping more easily and efficiently. Click on the button below to book your training session today!